For Young Adults age 17-25
Long Term Drug Rehab

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation For Young Adults

Gatehouse Academy is an extended care treatment center for young men and women in need of long term alcohol or drug rehabilitation. We offer the opportunity for young adults from the ages of 17-25 to learn life skills, continue formalized education, enhance physical well-being, and recover from the detrimental effects of chemical dependency. Our initial three month "intensive ranch" program sets the foundation for young adults to begin their recovery.

Unlocking Potential Through:

Recovery: 12-step drug rehab and alcohol recovery;
Education: High school and college academics;
Therapy: Therapy and psychiatric support;
Motivation: Life skills training;
Discipline: Recreation includes yoga, karate and more;

Extended Care Treatment Centers

Gatehouse Academy is sought out by young adults who seek long term drug rehab, drug treatment, alcohol rehab, sober living or halfway house, extended care, coming out of wilderness programs, primary drug treatment programs or who have made poor choices due to involvement with drugs and alcohol. In some other cases the young adults are dually diagnosed or have been involved with the legal system and need a long-term program. Generally speaking, alcohol rehab and drug rehab take considerable time and it requires diligence to achieve and sustain recovery. Extended care makes this possible by stressing what young adults can accomplish, not how long it will take.

Our treatment centers' facilities and our recovery programs are designed with these matters at heart, so we can best meet the specific needs of each young woman and man who come to us for help. Our centers proudly provide the necessary clinical, residential, educational, recreational, and family communication support system for everyone admitted. We work with each individual to develop a path to recovery, and to the goal of graduation from our treatment center. It�s all part of our mission to guide young adults towards a life of excellence, leadership, and service.

What sets us apart is our exclusive focus on young adults and our approach to their unique needs. Our "life skills infusion" curriculum includes college and high school academics, life skills training, recovery from substance abuse, individual and group therapy, vocational training, arts and numerous recreational activities. During recovery we re-instill how to have respect for themselves, their loved ones, and their community. Being a positive member of society is possible. We show young people how to be the best person they can and want to be.

Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Post-Graduation planning is a critical element of our commitment to the success of each young adult. It is our hope that graduation will be the first triumph of many more to come. Setting sights on real, achievable goals provides a constant source of motivation during and after their treatment, while enforcing a plan for a positive life after rehab. Options include:

  • Independent Living;
  • Return Home;
  • Attendance at traditional university or college;
  • Sober living environments;

For immediate assistance call us at 888.730.0905.

Our Extended Care Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers� focus is for young adults needing Long Term Residential Drug Rehabilitation, Alcohol Treatment Programs and/or Substance Abuse detox.

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