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Alcohol Treatment

The most interesting aspect about alcohol abuse is that it tricks the alcoholic into thinking that nothing is wrong. Alcoholics settle into a lifestyle of comfort, one that is based upon instant gratification and the numbing of emotions. In this matter, alcoholics often display a false sense of confidence.

What lurks underneath the facade, of course, are feelings of sadness, remorse, shame, and guilt. The longer an alcoholic is allowed to continue in this way, the more cemented his or her pattern becomes. The system actually perpetuates itself. If you or someone you love is abusing alcohol, there is no reason not to tackle the problem head-on as soon as possible. If not correctly addressed, alcoholism can eventually alienate everything that a person loves and holds dear: family, friends, jobs, and general happiness.

One thing is known--alcohol addiction recovery is not easy. The first step is to actually admit to having a problem, so that an effective alcohol treatment can be determined. We here at Gatehouse Academy feel that many of today's more popular chemical dependency treatment programs do not do enough or last long enough to properly wean young adults off alcohol. It takes more than simply knowing that alcohol can "be bad for you."

The best alcohol treatments are those that not only work to destroy the craving for alcohol, but also to change the mental outlook concerning alcohol consumption. Our three main campuses are ideally situated so that they offer a welcome seclusion from the pressures of the outside world. At the same time, we know that our applicants will eventually return to that world, and they will be presented with all the same temptations. Gatehouse Academy graduates face their new lives with renewed strength, which allows them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Because alcoholism is such a ubiquitous problem in today's society, there are a number of alcohol addiction treatments available. How do you know which one is right for you? To quote the venerable Homer Simpson, "Alcohol is the cause of and solution to all of life's problems." While that statement was meant in a comical fashion, there is some truth to it.

Effective Alcohol Addiction Treatments

Alcohol is the cause of many of life's problems because it destroys lives, strains family and friend relationships, and threatens jobs. It is the solution to the problems it creates, at least in the eyes of the alcoholic. Alcohol takes away the pain, and is in a twisted sense a treatment for itself. It is, therefore, extremely difficult to create an environment under which alcohol addiction treatments can begin.

Yet that is precisely what Gatehouse Academy provides. Our three campuses, Wickenburg, Arizona, Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Saratoga Springs, New York, offer our residents serene, natural beauty and, more importantly, therapeutic seclusion. Our main campus in Arizona is located just north of Phoenix. It is a staggeringly beautiful and relaxed place, and that helps our applicants adjust to their new lifestyle.

We subscribe to the 12 step theory of chemical dependency treatment, but we by no means limit our methodology to this effective formula. Overcoming alcohol addiction must be attempted by addressing every aspect of the participant's life. We address the mental capacity that is required to say to oneself, "I can do this; I can overcome alcoholism." We address the physical aspect of recovery, offering activities as diverse as yoga and horseback riding. In doing so, Gatehouse Academy is remarkably efficient in its goal of helping young adults defeat alcoholism.

Alcohol Treatment Centers

Are you aware that most alcohol treatment centers do not actually succeed in successfully treating alcohol addictions? This is shocking to learn, until you examine the facts. Most alcohol treatment centers are based upon a classic 30-day model of alcohol recovery. In addition, many detox centers are located in environments that are basically identical to the participants' home environments.

Why do these two factors play such an important role in effective alcohol addiction recovery? To address the duration question first, 30 days is adequate to physically detoxify an alcoholic. It is not, however, anywhere near enough time to effectively change the psychological aspect of addiction recovery. Gatehouse Academy programs range from an introductory stay of three months up to our main program duration of 12 months.

Alcohol Treatment Centers -- Choosing Wisely

Young adults are the target of marketing strategies for many beer companies. In fact, some studies have shown that underage drinking makes up for 20 percent of all alcohol consumed every year in America. Physical detoxification does nothing for the alcoholic unless it is coupled with an intense and extended treatment program.

If you suspect that someone you love is abusing alcohol, don't marginalize the problem just because they might be young. The mindset that "Boys will be boys," for instance, might have disastrous consequences. Alcohol addiction can easily lead to other kinds of drug addiction as well. Please don't ignore the problem. At Gatehouse Academy, we confront it directly in a way that is nurturing, firm, supportive, and effective.

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