For Young Adults age 17-25
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Hassayampa River Ranch

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Gatehouse College Campus

A Long-Term Commitment to Young Adult Recovery

Gatehouse Academy is the leader in the treatment of young adults with chemical dependency and/or dual diagnosis issues. Our comprehensive curriculum and array of services allows for the complete rehabilitation and re-integration of once struggling young adults.

The core belief and design of Gatehouse Academy is built around a year-long curriculum with two separate and compatible entry points, Hassayampa River Ranch (3 months) and Gatehouse Academy Main Campus (9 - 12 months). Following the primary year of residency at Gatehouse Academy, graduates from this main program, will have the option to leave for home, university, work, or may choose to continue in the Gatehouse Academy service umbrella by continuing in one of our specialized graduate campus programs.

Gatehouse Academy Campuses

Hassayampa River Ranch Campus

The "Ranch" provides a higher level of supervision and structure for a young adult that is especially at risk to choose using over participation in our main campus program. Complete immersion to the 12-steps, higher levels of staffing and a more intimate setting all complement the approach. Located on 6000 acres of pristine Southern Arizona desert land, the physical ranch is nine miles from town which can help an individual focus without being distracted by everyday "triggers".

Main Campus

Gatehouse Academy is our flagship program and is a long-term residential program for young adults with chemical dependency issues. Residents are taught responsibility, life skills, social skills and work ethic, while receiving therapy and clinical services. 12-step meetings are attended in the community and residents have the option to gain college credits or complete high school.

Extended Campus

The smaller residential environment is more personal and less structured than the larger main campus. It takes the resident out of the more structured milieu and allows staff to see what areas need more development and concentrate on any independent living skills that need attention prior to graduation. Cleaning, cooking and interpersonal skills are at a premium in this setting. The “freer” environment gives residents the opportunity to put into practice their own self-motivation skills.

Post-Graduation Options

Internship Campus

Monthly tuition includes room and board, a $500 allowance given to the resident, and any college tuition, books and supplies. Interns are housed in a residential home with a senior staff and work 20 hours per week with a Gatehouse Department or at a job within the local community. Interns take 3 college credit hours in the summer and 6 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters.

College Campus

The college campus is similar to the internship campus, however, the emphasis for residents in this campus is education. Most residents will be carrying a half to full time school schedule.

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