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College Binge Drinking

There is a social stigma attached to college binge drinking. It perpetuates itself because of a number of factors. The first has to with social attitudes towards alcohol in general, and the immense amounts of money that can be made in marketing beer and hard liquor to minors. Although they deny it, beer companies have and will continue to market their products to young people, because they know it will result in a lifetime loyalty to alcohol.

The drinking age in America does nothing to curb college binge drinking. Most college freshmen don't actually turn 21 until their senior year of college, which leaves three years under which they are living independently but not legally allowed to drink. Drinking itself becomes a compulsive activity--to drink as much alcohol as possible becomes the norm.

At most of today's colleges and universities, college binge drinking is a rite of passage. If a student can drink beer after beer after beer, it is (in many social circles) something to brag about. Of course, these attitudes result in the deaths of thousands of college students every year, either from alcohol poisoning or drunk driving. In a perfect world, all college students would understand the risks involved with college binge drinking, and either partake in moderation or abstain completely.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned factors will probably never allow that responsibility to take root. Some college students drink recklessly, and these habits can plainly be seen in falling grade point averages or outright drunken behavior. College is too important (and too expensive) to let it be marginalized by alcohol. If your child needs a break from the destructive environment of university life, let them continue their studies in the sober sanctuary of Gatehouse Academy.

College Drinking

Every now and then on the news, you hear about a terrible accident in which a college student died of alcohol poisoning or is killed in a drunk driving accident. Everyone feels bad for a while, and it seems as if the problem just goes away. The real tragedy is that that needless death almost acts as a kind of scapegoat for a much larger problem: college drinking itself.

Every night, millions of underage university students over-consume alcohol. College drinking, trivialized by movies like "Animal House," sometimes appears in the national consciousness as an unavoidable part of university life. What isn't as well-publicized, however, is the destructive college drinking that ruins thousands of university careers. Living alone for the first time, many students use alcohol as a way to cope with the pressure that goes along with achieving in a competitive atmosphere.

When alcohol starts to dominate a college student's life, the effects are obvious. Falling grades, separation from academic pursuit, and isolation from family are some of the most common symptoms. If you have talked to your child about his or her college drinking and it has had little effect, it is up to you to take more aggressive measures. It is in your power to make a positive change in terms of the direction of their education.

By enrolling them in Gatehouse Academy, you'll know that they'll be studying in a sober place. They can continue their college education at one of our three campuses, and receive credit for doing so. We have accreditation services with Rio Salado College and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. During their stay with us, your child will be actually getting two educations: one in their field of study and one on life.

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