For Young Adults age 17-25

Gatehouse Academy offers an integrated departmental approach throughout all of our campuses and locations. Each department is unique and readily contributes to the overal goal of recovery for each individual young adult.

Most of our residents have been in previous treatment or more contained settings. We understand that they know how to get along in these environments. Everything that we do, from the physical set-up of the plant to the interactions of the staff, is part of this integrated approach. What is created is a seamless offering of various and unique departments all united under the common goal of recovery for each resident.

Our staff takes an active role as "life coaches" and are very involved in mentoring residents. We hire staff that have life experience in recovery. Residents are put in leadership positions and asked to lead a work crew, do the shopping, prepare a meal plan, cook, go to the lumber yard and sign on an account, or teach a class utilizing a talent they have in yoga, art, music, or dance.

On the main campus (Wickenburg) property are two separate but adjacent settings known as the medical plaza and the educational building, which house the headquarters for these two integral departments. In any Gatehouse Academy setting, therapy and academics are separate from residence. Residents have to leave where the live and go into the medical plaza next door for therapy or into the school building to attend classes ... just as they would if they were living on their own. Residents go into town to attend meetings and interact with others.

We are setting up life situations that test the coping skills of the residents and from this we can create learning.

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