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Drug Abuse Treatment

Most emphasis on drug abuse treatment is aimed at adults who have been harboring drug addictions for many years. In a sense, one reason why many of these efforts have failed can be attributed to the adage, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." We become more stubborn to change as we age, and that is true whether our habits are good ones or bad ones.

In favorable contrast, the inverse can be said of young adults trying to overcome addiction. Youth is characterized by many things: trying new things, peer pressure, rebelliousness, and uncertainty. When young people become addicted to drugs, it is their lack of resilience that often accelerates addiction patterns. But the minds of young people can always be changed, and at Gatehouse Academy, we change them for the better.

At Gatehouse Academy we believe that, despite the degree of addiction, successful drug treatment can occur in as little as one year. It might seem like a long time at first, but if it has a life-lasting result, it's worth it. Our approach is based on individual attention, facts, recreational rehabilitation, and improvements in confidence and self-esteem. During their stay, Gatehouse students learn new skills while continuing their high school or college education.

The goal is to return what was once lost: a bright, energetic young adult, free from the shackles of drug addiction. Drug treatment is a sobering experience in a great way. Drug-free, Gatehouse graduates have a new lease on life. Once you overcome addiction, anything is possible. Our long term drug treatment program strengthens the resolve of young adults, so that they can realize their full potential.

Drug Abuse Treatments

Being a coed and private residential community, Gatehouse Academy has the privilege of complete control in the drug abuse treatments of its students. We monitor every part of their day, because chemical dependency recovery demands such vigilance. As a result, we can measure how effective our drug abuse treatment have been on each student.

Gatehouse Academy is not a medical facility, and as such the majority of physical detoxification should already be well underway upon admission. Our drug abuse treatments focus on the mental and societal rehabilitation of our students. We view our rehabilitation services as cooperative; effective rehabilitation demands the active support of both the Academy and the student. Usually, this agreement is easy, as it has become obvious that there is a drug abuse problem.

Drug abuse treatments procedure vary with the drug that has been abused. Some of our students might be overcoming addictions to methamphetamines; while others are trying to overcome a marijuana addiction. Despite the differences in which these drugs affect the deterioration of the mind and body, they all have one undeniable characteristic--they can be beaten.

During their stay at Gatehouse Academy, our students learn to lean on one another for emotional support, because in a matter of speaking, they're all in the same boat. Overcoming addiction is an equally difficult and rewarding experience, and so friendships that form here tend to be unbreakable. Gatehouse Academy is not only a facility for overcoming drug abuse, but also a place where young people rediscover the joys of being themselves.

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