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Drug Detox Programs

It is unfortunate that most of the news you hear about drug detox is negative. Most of the stories regarding the treatment of drug addiction revolve around unsuccessful programs, relapsed habits, and downward spirals. A possible reason for this trend is that most drug programs are aimed at helping adults, and by maturity, abusers have settled into rhythms that are extremely hard to dissolve.

Drug Detox the Gatehouse Academy Way

"The principle component of our drug strategy ought to be based on prevention programs aimed at adolescents." That is a quote by the then drug czar General Barry McCaffrey in 1998. It rings true today as it did almost 10 years ago. Young adults are naturally more receptive to change, given their unique impressionism. If you can successfully change someone's destructive drug habits early in life, you can effectively change his or her life.

As you may suspect, different drugs create different addictions. For instance, alcohol addiction reveals itself in different ways than, say, methamphetamine addiction. For this reason, different drug detox programs have been created, which specifically target each abused drug. Gatehouse Academy has, during its history, seen and treated every drug addiction imaginable. We can help that someone you love.

While there is a national "war on drugs," we don't like to think of it as such. Every drug addiction is unique to its captive, and we view each of our students as individuals with exclusive problems. Rather than war-like fanaticism, we confront the problem of addiction through extended and constant observation. Overcoming drug addiction is a fight, and one that can be won.

What is Detox?

Detox, of course, stands for detoxification, and it refers to the physical aspect of addiction recovery. Addiction can be found in many forms, from tobacco, to alcohol, to harder illegal drugs. Each has a unique destructive pattern. Some drugs destroy the body quickly, and others slowly erode the mind. If you're looking for a good detox program for yourself or someone that's close to you, it's essential to first understand the factors that go into choosing the right program.

All detox programs have the same goal: to eradicate any traces of the abused substance in the body. But there are other factors at work that go beyond physical detoxification. In fact, that's the easy part. The harder and longer-lasting aspect of rehabilitation is found in the psychological recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.

To properly treat an abuser, you must not only detox the body, but the mind as well. One of the reasons why Gatehouse Academy's campuses are located in rather remote locations is that we believe it is the only way to begin full recuperation. By immersing our students in a different atmosphere, we can control their daily activity. In doing so, we base their curriculum around the systematic formulation of a positive drug-free mindset.

Gone are the temptations of the real world. In their place are supportive and fun activities, like karate, mountain biking, yoga, and horseback riding. No one said detox was going to be easy, but at Gatehouse Academy, we know that it can be rewarding and, more importantly, permanent.

Detox Programs

Let's talk about what makes detox programs effective. Addiction recovery, in some respects, is a black-and-white issue. There are set rules during the process of recovery, and reneging on even one of those rules can have a snowball effect, rendering the recovery process a failure. On the other hand, steadfast dedication to the addiction program will almost certainly yield success. It takes will power and resolve to make it work.

Gatehouse Academy stresses two main ideals in its approach to alcohol and drug addiction recovery: dedication and understanding. In terms of rules and daily routines, we are very strict. We have to be--addiction recovery is something on which we have incredibly strong opinions. Our detox programs service might be questioned by our participants, but they will be followed.

Furthermore, another aspect of the daily routine at Gatehouse Academy campuses is understanding and forgiveness. Since our specialty is young adults with addictions, we realize that sometimes we are not just helping our participants get over their addictions, but we are also helping to instill life lessons central to growing up.

This combination of strict living conditions and understanding therapy is what differentiates us from other detox programs. Our applicants usually stay with us for a period of one year, and during that time, profou-nd changes can take place. We stake our sterling reputation on our ability to correctly assess any addiction situation and take the necessary steps to permanently correct it.

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