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Why Drug Rehab Treatment Fails

Why is it that so many drug rehab programs fail? After all, the purpose of rehabilitation is to fix a problem. If the problem isn't fixed, in many cases it is the program that is lacking in some way, not the person.

One of the main reasons why many drug rehab programs fail is that they simply don't offer the kind of complete immersion that is necessary for success. The drug environment in which young people grow up today is vastly different from that of generations past. Not only are many more substances available to try (and abuse), but there are greater pressures facing kids at younger ages. At the point of addiction, it is extremely difficult to break a young person's habits because he or she continues to be locked in the same type of lifestyle. In these conditions it should be no surprise that drug treatment doesnít work.

Drug Rehab -- a Long-Term Solution

What is needed to succeed is a clean break, and that's exactly what Gatehouse Academy provides. Our serene campuses provides the kind of cleansing atmosphere that is absolutely necessary if a young adult is to be weaned of a drug and/or alcohol addiction. The pressures that lead to mental weakness and drug relapse are nowhere to be found. Instead, there is a warm and supporting sanctuary where young adults can learn how to enjoy life again, without the interference or pressure of drugs and/or alcohol.

Rather than struggle to live with the only lifestyle most young adults have grown into, we teach the life skills they will need to succeed in life beyond the walls of our comprehensive program. In an encouraging environment, they are given opportunities to become involved in activities and classes that not only develop their personal and professional skills, but make all of them feel worthwhile, as well. Itís also a place where young people can discover how to be social, to have friends and fun, without alcohol or drugs.

During their time in a clean environment, it gives recovering young adults a clearer perspective of their past actions and the world of opportunity around them. Participants in the program can see a conscious path to making positive choices as they become more aware of the choices that arise as part of daily life.

Of course, residents donít stay forever and they work hard to graduate from the Academy. The time is right when recovered youths have established new habits and strengthened their personal ability to create their own positive environment. Graduates are knowledgeable, skilled young adults who confidently pursue their dreams without fear of falling to drugs or making poor choices.

Adolescent drug abuse has been rising steadily for the past 15 years. If you or a loved one feels the hopelessness that is tied to drug and/or alcohol abuse, you are not alone. We have helped hundreds of young adults cope with their addictions so that they can reenter life with renewed confidence and vigor. As we say at our main campus in the desert of Arizona, hope is the bright color of the rising sun.

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