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Drug Rehabilitation

Of all the conflicting theories about the best methods of drug rehabilitation, there is one dominant fact--the strength of any chemical dependency treatment program must be stronger than the mental grip that drugs have on the abuser. As with any drug addiction, this can seem like a daunting task. At the lowest point of addiction, there doesn't seem to be any feeling of hope. The abuser's family and friends want so desperately for their loved one to get better, both emotionally and physically, but sometimes that goal seems very distant. And, in many cases, it is.

That's why we here at Gatehouse Academy have devised a long-term structure of drug rehabilitation. Through a combination of factors, including vocational skills, daily routines, abstinence, social responsibility, mental resolve, and cooperation, our residents slowly come to the glorious revelation that there is hope, and proper drug rehabilitation can be achieved.

Two main factors have led us to this conclusion. One, we offer our residents beautiful and supportive environments in which to heal. Our three main campuses, located in Wickenburg Arizona, Thunder Bay, Ontario, and Saratoga Springs, New York, have been chosen because of their natural beauty and isolation. They are ideal drug rehabilitation environments.

Second, we have structured our drug rehabilitation to far exceed normal 30-day rehab programs that are found at other facilities. Our programs, in contrast, last up to periods of one year. This fundamental paradigm shift allows us to alter our curriculum so that we can allow for more gradual change, both mentally and physically. The result is a more permanent and stable sober outlook on life

Drug Rehabilitation Centers

All drug rehabilitation centers have one thing in common; they aim to provide a second chance for people for whom drugs have taken over. Where they differ is in the emphasis on which they place the important variable of personalized attention. Too often drug abusers are grouped together depending on what drug they are addicted to.

Stereotypes emerge, and this generalization unfortunately results in inefficient checmical dependency treatment, and, therefore, drug relapses. We believe that the greatest weapon we can use against the villain of drug addiction is individual attention in our drug rehabilitation centers. Young adults who have lost their way due to drugs need to be reminded that they have the strength and the determination to overcome their addictions. That concept is not easily learned, but we remain committed to it.

We feel that one of our greatest assets is our commitment to analysis. Each of our residents is examined in our drug rehabilitation centers links by our expert staff, and an individual prognosis is made. Mental liberation from the stranglehold of drugs involves more than just psychological independence from them. Only the best drug rehabilitation centers will do. In addition to identifying possible weaknesses in a resident's recovery, in therapy we also work to identify his or her strengths.

We then do what we can to focus on isolating those weaknesses, while exploiting the strengths. The result is a comprehensive and all-inclusive change in the drug abusers' mental outlooks, all completed in our drug rehabilitation centers. They realize that, to truly be happy, they have to not only be free from drugs, but also understand their own potential as human beings.

Gatehouse Academy has, since its inception, strived to provide the very best drug rehabilitation facilities for our residents. Environment is key when it comes to overcoming an addiction, and we realize that there must exist a supportive and fun environment so that our residents may do so. How did we come to this conclusion?

In part, we looked at what parts of other drug rehabilitation facilities have really made a difference. This is as much a study of what not to do as what to do. Drug rehabilitation facilities that concentrate solely on the physical purge from drugs do little for long-term recovery. For the abuser, drugs comprise a major part of his or her daily activity; whether it's looking for drugs, taking them, or experiencing withdrawal symptoms from them. In the case of young adults, their minds are already naturally full of wonderment.

We have found that, in contrast to therapy for mature adults, young people are naturally interested in new things. We've therefore structured our drug rehabilitation facilities so that our students continue their education and have no shortage of extracurricular activities to keep them busy. Some of Gatehouse Academy's mainstays include horseback riding, yoga, outdoor biking and trail riding, as well as team-based play. Our drug rehabilitation facilities are second-to-none.

But, of course, fun isn't everything, so we have also included vocational training as part of our drug rehabilitation facilities. Hands on applicable skills like automotive repair and general construction are taught to our residents. Even if they don't become a car mechanic, these are the kinds of skills that strengthen independence and self-confidence.

Drug Rehabilitation Programs

There are several key components to our drug rehabilitation programs, each designed to complement each other over the course of our long-term recovery schedule. Gatehouse Academy is not a medical rehab facility, so physical detoxification should be well underway at the time of admission. The brunt of our drug rehabilitation programs is psychological, and we never stray from the unwavering ideals of lifelong sobriety and progressive mental health.

Some of the main issues our residents work through at our drug rehabilitation programs start with learning how to talk about their feelings. This, as any parent knows, is already hard enough. Drug abuse has a damaging effect on the mind's ability to confront its problems, so that blockage must be uncorked before any further steps can be taken.

Some of the other main points of our family drug rehabilitation program involve the reestablishment in our residents' minds of the importance of family, the improvement of self-esteem, and involvement in community service. Cooperation is required throughout the program, because without support, permanent rehab would never be possible. Our residents realize that it is through cooperation that progress is made, whether it pertains to drug rehabilitation or to life.

We are experts at working out the drug-related conflicts of our residents. These conflicts manifest themselves in different ways. Some are internal, relating to the mind and its self-confidence, and some are external, relating to relationships to family and friends. Proper drug rehabilitation programs involve the resolution of these battles.

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