For Young Adults age 17-25

Gatehouse Academy offers its students a unique approach to fulfilling their educational needs, while creating an opportunity for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Education is often cited as a vital aspect of drug and alcohol prevention. What most people may be unaware of is how crucial education can be during alcohol and/or drug rehab. Learning sparks the imagination of young adults, and gives them hope for a brighter future during their recovery. Being educated opens doors, so they can not only make goals, but actually have the skills and knowledge to achieve them.

In the first month at Gatehouse, students will notice a focus on establishing social, therapeutic and community roles while in recovery. What these young adults may not notice is we are testing the student's ability and willingness to be a learner. This month-long interaction gives us a baseline to move forward and allows us to consider how to best assist each student, including those with specialized needs (learning disabilities, attention deficits, etc). To develop and assess skills, we utilize various recovery-centered books, videos, documentaries, and other materials to serve as a practice in communication and comprehension.

Once our initial evaluation period is complete, we engage the learner by initiating a recommended path of specific academic studies, either at the high school or college level. Education is a key to recovery. Unfortunately, social (and other) pressures exist in many educational environments that may inhibit recovery, encourage poor decision making, or lead to relapse. Thanks to modern technology, young adults can take classes without leaving our academy’s encouraging environment. Gatehouse provides access to a number of fine academic institutions to offer classes at a distance:

Recognizing the need for continuous improvement and expanding options for our students, Gatehouse Academy actively seeks out partnerships with other accredited distance learning institutions. Retaining a sense of community is also important to our students. In some cases Gatehouse is able to work with home high schools to obtain a diploma.

Unlike taking courses from home, distance learning at Gatehouse does not mean working hard all on your own and without tangible support. While in recovery, we want education to be a source of inspiration, not stress. Our professional teaching staff proctors the distance learning courses. Each teacher carries a caseload of students and is responsible for tracking student progress, coaching the student in learning strategies, and tutoring the student in areas of exploration. The teachers work closely in a collaborative environment to meet the needs of every student.

With the help of our teaching staff, students learn much more than the coursework they’ve signed up for. These young adults will learn responsibility, how to make good choices, what their learning style is, their personal best way to study, professional skills, and how to succeed.

Our teaching philosophy is that all students can learn and have the right to a safe and nurturing academic environment. We support and guide our students in becoming independent life-long learners.

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