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Long Term Drug Rehab and Drug Treatment Programs

Treatment for Troubled Teens

Troubled teens and young adults can be very, very difficult to handle. It is not just feelings of rebelliousness and anti-establishment behavior that contribute to a teen's stubbornness. It also involves the natural adjustment from childhood to adulthood, something we've all been through. The problems increase when drugs and alcohol enter into the equation.

Teenagers and young adults are in that strange demographic of being old enough to make decisions on their own, yet young enough not to understand the consequences of those choices. It is for this reason that drug abuse and alcoholism often begin during this period of adjustment. Despite a family's unending love and support, sometimes external factors like bad influences and environment are too much to overcome for troubled teens. Teenagers make bad choices, and once drug abuse has taken hold, they no longer have a choice.

Often what can occur with teenagers and young adults who abuse drugs is that they actually have what is called a dual diagnosis. These kids have a drug or alcohol problem in addition to emotional problems. Successful drug rehabilitation takes these cases very seriously. Rehabilitation programs should be structured around the correct identification and treatment of teens with dual diagnoses. Addressing each issue separately will help troubled teens work through not just their substance abuse issues, but their psychological problems as well. Helping young people come to terms with their emotional problems is often the key to understanding the reasons behind their drug abuse.

Help for Troubled Teens and Young Adults

It is not always easy to tell a teen what to do. Any parent can vouch for this universal fact. So approaching the topic of drug or alcohol abuse is an especially tricky one. Parents only want the best for their children, but sometimes teenagers don't take it that way. If the situation in your home has reached untenable levels, a residential treatment program may be the best solution.

If you think that your child might have a problem with drinking but is too young to attend a rehab center, remember that most destructive college binge drinking habits are actually learned in high school. You must do what you can to change the attitudes of your children before such behaviors are allowed to cement.

Drug treatment for troubled teens and young adults who are struggling with a drug or alcohol abuse problem begins with the staff. Clinical psychologists, experts in the fields of substance abuse, and recovering alcoholics who understand what you or your child is going through are the key to successful rehabilitation. Faculty should be completely committed to helping young adults understand that there is life after adolescence, and that the consequences of their actions right now may affect who they are for the rest of their lives.

Long Term Schools for Trouble Teens and Young Adults

If you or someone you love is having a substance abuse problem, you must start looking for schools. If this person is a young adult and currently in school, there arises the problem of continuing education. 30-day substance abuse programs are short, intensive, and focus only on weaning their participants off drugs.

Long-term residential programs believe that the issue is a bit more complicated than that. Effective schools for troubled teens and young adults do more than simply get kids off drugs. They re-establish relations with family and friends. They impart social skills and instill an interest in community affairs. They reawaken the self. These are concepts that are not taught in a month. In fact, some people live their whole lives and never understand them.

Long-term drug treatment for troubled teens combines drug rehabilitation services with continuing education at the high school or university level. Residents not only attend individual and group therapy meetings, but they also continue their studies. In this manner, no time is lost in the development of a young person's education. Attending schools for troubled teens can be a valuable tool, because it gives them still another environment in which to learn.

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