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Gatehouse Educational Foundation Announces Scholarship Program for University Students
Published on June 27, 2007
John R. Campbell Q.C., Chairman of Gatehouse Educational Foundation, is happy to announce the granting of the annual Paul Earl Memorial Scholarship to the most deserving student at the Gatehouse College Campus. The scholarship includes school tuitio...

Gatehouse Academy Young Adults Depict the Horrors of Drunk Driving
Published on June 13, 2007
The young adults of Gatehouse Academy, a long term drug and alcohol treatment center, are on a role with service work these days. Recently the young adults teamed up with the Wickenburg Police Department, Department of Public Safety, Wickenburg Fire ...

The Young Adults of Gatehouse Academy Speak Out on Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Published on May 29, 2007
The residents of Gatehouse Academy, a long term drug rehab for young adults located in Wickenburg, AZ, recently visited Vulture Peak Middle School in Wickenburg to address drug and alcohol addiction with parents, teachers, and other school profession...

Young Adults of Gatehouse Academy Raise $30,000 to Support the Make a Wish Foundation
Published on May 10, 2007
The residents of the Gatehouse Academy long-term drug rehab program for young adults have raised over $30,000 to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation.

Young Adult Drug Rehab Residents from Gatehouse Academy Learn the Meaning of Giving
Published on February 20, 2007
Gatehouse Academy uses service work to teach young adult drug rehab residents the meaning of giving.

Gatehouse Academy Adds Acting Classes to Young Adult Drug Rehab Programs
Published on January 11, 2007
Gatehouse Academy's long-term residential drug rehab facility for young adults age 17 - 25 introduces acting classes to its programs.

Gatehouse Academy Graduates Featured in Local Art Show
Published on December 21, 2006
Gatehouse Academy, a long-term residential drug and alcohol facility exclusively for young adults, is pleased to support four graduates of their program, Alex Crooks, Hollis McCracken, Zak Hoyt, Lauren Gray, who are currently participating in their f...

Educational Advancement Key in Young Adult Addiction Treatment at Gatehouse Academy
Published on December 14, 2006
Gatehouse Academy is a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility for young adults. Secondary to recovery, one of the key focuses of the program is to help young adults seeking addiction treatment to get back on track with their educational...

Equine Therapy Plays an Important Role in Young Adult Drug Rehab
Published on November 28, 2006
Gatehouse Academy has successfully launched Equine-Assisted Therapy as a regular component of its comprehensive addiction treatment for young adults.

Gatehouse Academy Gives World Leaders an Inside Look on Addiction Treatment for Young Adults
Published on November 1, 2006
A group of ten young leaders from Uzbekistan, a former state of the Soviet Union, visited Gatehouse Academy to acquire knowledge about young adult addiction treatment programs. They were eager to learn how the programs provide drug treatment for youn...

Young Adult Drug and Alcohol Addicts of Gatehouse Academy Raise More Than $30,000 to Save 5-Year Old Boy's Life
Published on August 8, 2006
Brayan Rodriquez of Wickenburg, Arizona and his family could never be happier that their hometown is the location of Gatehouse Academy, a top alcohol and drug program for young adults. Through their own efforts, residents in the program joined togeth...

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Other News and Events

Gatehouse Stages Mock Auto Accident- 6/06/07
Gatehouse Academy recently staged a mock auto wreck to highlight the impact of impaired driving. The event was featured in the Wickenburg Sun Newspaper.

Life Savers- 11/2/06
Gatehouse Academy featured in the College Times - a publication serving 20 Phoenix area colleges.

Gatehouse Hosts Art Show, Sale - 5/24/06
The Gatehouse Academy is hosting its bi-annual Art Show and Sale this Saturday. The show is titled “Expression” and has a lot to offer....

Yoga Center Now Open at La Siesta - 2/8/06
Konopacki has recently opened the Evolve Yoga and Meditation Center. She came to Wickenburg to teach yoga in the recovery centers......

Gatehouse Residents Receive Certificates of Appreciation - 1/25/06
Gatehouse Academy volunteers recently received certificates of appreciation after volunteering 159 hours......

Woodbury Reports, Inc. Visit Gatehouse! - 1/4/06
The main campus of Gatehouse Academy is located in the downtown area of the small Arizona community of Wickenburg. As we pulled into....

Gatehouse Helping Young Adults Change Their Lives - 7/13/05
Ted and Gale Earl believed Wickenburg would be a great place to build a transitional living program for young adults who have determined to change their lives....

Residents walk in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation - 5/5/05
Lisa Rivers, a valued member of the Gatehouse staff, presented an awesome opportunity for residents to support a good cause. Back in March of 2003, Lisa’s daughter....

JOURNEYS; From Dudes to Detox in the Arizona Desert - 5/28/04

WICKENBURG, Arizona , has a tradition of hospitality. For most of the 20th century it drew vacationing Easterners eager to taste the romance of the West. They rode horses into the desert, where they cooked…

The New York Experience

The following are letters from our young adults regarding their personal growth and experiences while at our Saratoga Springs, NY campus.

Nicole F. - 5/30/06

Rick K. - 7/10/06

Justin H. - 10/2/06


A Harvard Study Shows More Than One in Three College Students Can be Diagnosed with Alcohol Disorders
One in every five frequent heavy episodic drinkers can be diagnosed with alcohol dependence

BOSTON (Harvard, University) -- A new study shows that six percent of college students meet criteria for a diagnosis of alcohol dependence (also referred to as alcoholism), and 31 percent meet the clinical criteria for alcohol abuse. The study found that more than two of every five students report at least one symptom of these conditions, putting them at increased risk of developing a true alcohol disorder. Previous studies on college drinking have concentrated on the type, frequency and amount of alcohol consumed. This is the first study to assess the actual extent of alcohol diagnoses among college students.

“Heavy drinking is most often regarded as a behavior problem only,” said John R. Knight, Principal Investigator of the study and an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School. “Our study indicates that many students who drink heavily are at high risk of true mental disorders – alcohol abuse and dependence. Alcohol dependence especially may become a lifelong illness, and more should be done to recognize and help students at risk.”

The findings were released today by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study (CAS) ( The article appears in the May 2002 issue of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol.


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