For Young Adults age 17-25

As our residents grow in their own personal recovery, they move to a place and desire of wanting to be of service and support to other young adults struggling to overcome the challenges of addiction. Feel free to print these letters and share with young adults and/or parents that are in need of hope, support and direction.

My Personal Mission Statement (Jasmine - age 22)
"When I came to Gatehouse, my soul was suffocating, closing my heart and mind off to the world and its people. My spirituality is what connects my soul to my heart, and enables my soul to breathe today."

Happy, Joyous and Free (Julie - age 20)
"As I write this, it is the day of my two year sobriety birthday. I look back on the past two years, and it fills me with gratitude. When I think of how I used to put my life in jeopardy, watch my family suffer, and have complete disregard for everyone around me, it baffles me. ... "

Dear Potential Resident (Adam - age 18)
"I remember when I finally broke down and called my Father one day, spilling all of my feelings about how unmanageable my life was becoming. I asked for His help, support, and guidance and He was more than willing to help in any way he could. Looking back it was probably the answer to all of his prayers for me. He knew about the dangerous lifestyle I was leading, but figured I would grow out of it with time; I guess he figured this was just the time....."

Tom's Story (Tom - age 25)

ďA little over 16 months ago I embarked on a journey that unbeknownst to me would change my life forever. From the early age of 15 I started drinking and using drugs to escape pain and the realities of life. It was a dark road that led me to steal and lie from those I loved most, it led me to live on the cold streets of New England in the dreary winter months, I could go on listing things I had lost but in short I will just say everything including my self-respect and will to live. I had leased my soul to the devil...."

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