For Young Adults age 17-25
Residential Drug Treatment and Rehab Program

The residential drug treatment campus provides a safe haven to assist each young adult resident with independent living skills. Residents live in a family style environment with young people their own age, and staff, during recovery.

Part of the residential program includes developing life skills by infusing them in daily activities. Through day to day practice, these worthwhile skills become an integrated part of the young residentís life. Daily life skills include:

  • Work Ethic
  • Meal planning and shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Cleaning and living quarters maintenance
  • Grounds Maintenance (gardening, yard work, pool)
  • Laundry

Learning these skills may seem easy, but mastering them can often be a challenge. Gatehouse helps each young adult in recovery discover how to make good choices at a pace that is productive for them. Working towards a goal of living independently is a constant reminder of the value these essential skills possess.

At Gatehouse, learning to live independently also means learning how to function responsibly in society and the local community. All of our campuses provide the opportunity for young adults to thrive socially while undergoing residential drug treatment or alcohol treatment.

The social arena of our main campus includes Karate and Yoga classes, attendance of 12-step meetings in the Wickenburg community, retreats and conventions. These activities allow the resident to actively participate in activities outside of the residential community and test social skills in the process of recovery. Additionally, efforts are made to create involvements with the people of Wickenburg and to make safe and sound friendships. Gatehouse has worked to integrate itself into the community of Wickenburg. Residents volunteer and take part in various community activities. Community fellowship gives residents the opportunity to interact with one another in positive ways.

In addition to practicing daily independent living skills, residents take part in Health and Wellness classes. These classes rotate on a weekly basis and cover a wide variety of topics which are essential to the individualís successful transition. These topics include the following:

  • nutrition & food preparation
  • self-esteem
  • balancing finances
  • resume writing skills & mock job interviews
  • team building & leadership skills
  • coping skills and deep breathing
  • recognizing anger
  • personal hygiene

Unlike coursework in a traditional school, the Health and Wellness classes are extremely relevant and the material learned is instantly applicable. Residents are provided opportunities to use what theyíve learned and work in teams or as leaders. Entering the workplace is often a goal for young adults in recovery. To help reach this goal, it is included in the wellness course and they are given additional opportunities to practice and enhance resume writing and interview techniques.

Most importantly, residents receiving alcohol or drug treatment have a program that serves their personal developmental needs while paving a path to their most cherished goals. Gatehouse has an environment ensuring resident young adults can receive the extended care they need to recover and go on to be the best person they can be.

For more information on our residential drug treatment programs contact us today.

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